Music & Sideman

Star Drive (big band) - performed by the Royal Academy of Music Big Band.

Composed by Olli Martin.

Conducted by Pete Churchill.

Stardust - performed by Olli and Rupert Cox.

Arranged: Bill Geldard.

Olli performed this piece at the Don Lusher Jazz Trombone competition 2016. 

Billy Marrows OctetBilly Marrows - Guitar & Compositions

Olli Martin - Trombone (Solo)

Tom Smith - Alto Sax (Solo)

Tom Barford - Tenor Sax

James Copus - Trumpet

Will Harris - Bass

Will Barry - Piano

Luke Tomlinson - Drums

'Oh When The Saints' - Saints Brass

Trombone solo - Olli Martin

Trumpet solo - Neil Doherty

Arranged/Recorded/Produced - Dan Mar-Molinero.

Tom Smith Septet - Tom Smith - Alto Sax & Compositions.

Olli Martin - Trombone

Alistair Martin - Trumpet

Alex Hitchcock - Tenor Sax

Will Barry- Piano

Daisy George - Bass

Dave Storey - Drums

Listen to more Tom Smith Septet HERE!

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